Fanime Tip of the Week 7/23/14


"It’s always good to plan ahead. Writing/planning several scripts (or even the whole series) before posting a casting call can help make sure a project is something you’re passionate about. A lot of stories have great endings/beginnings but very confusing or uneventful middles. If you have the ideas and passion to create a whole story rather then blindly moving ahead, you’re much more likely to finish what you start!"


omg i’m sorry these are so TINY AND STRETCHED AND UGH i had to shrink them so small to get tumblr to post them hh!!

~82 frames, plus 5 full backgrounds, and 15 separate frames for the floor animation. it’s getting really cool (and disorienting!!) to see everything coming together after they were floating in white voids for the past year

Light of stars! Turn into sacred power! Fortune Tambourine 

Precure Starlight Ascention!

Stars! Return to the heavens!

the big love spreading throughout the world | cure lovely

the blue wind dancing in the sky | cure princess

the light of life flourishing on the earth | cure honey

the star of hope that glitters in the night sky | cure fortune